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* This is Cancer Awareness & Early Detection camp which will be cover around 5000 surrounding populations of your villages and provides all the following facilities. 1. Cancer Awareness Leaflets, Lecture, Videos 2. Mammography for Breast Cancer 3. Pap Smear for Cervix Cancer 4. PSA for Prostate Cancer 5.Oral & Throat Cancer Screening 6.CBC for Blood Cancer 7.Diabetic & BP Test 8. General Medicine 9. Guidance for Cancer Patients. We have four fully equipped Mobile Buses with 16 Medical staff Members who will come to your Location on decided date to serve the inmates of your surrounding area.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum donation of one day camp is Rs 100000 which will be paid by you before the camp date.
  2. The camp date will be decided by World Cancer Care team according to available dates.
  3. Arrangement required at Camp Location: Parking area for Three Buses (Dimension of Bus length 35 fit, width 9 fit, Height 12 feet), Two Rooms with Table, Chairs and Patient Bed, Ten Tables and Fifty Chairs for Residents / Visitors, Electricity Connection (10 KVA , Signal Phase , 230 Volts for Bus), Publicity for Camp before 10 day of camp date through Announcement, Banner & Poster and Media, Invitation to Local Press / Electronic Media on Camp day to promote the Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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