What is Camp ?


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Your commitment and support Can save many lives in INDIA by organize “Early Cancer Detection & Awareness Camps”. Recent statistics shows, More than 1300 people die every day with Cancer in India. World Cancer Care working for “Early Cancer Detection & Awareness ” through Medical Camps in North India undertaking Digital Mammograms for Breast Cancer , Pap Smear for Cervix Cancer,Oral Cancer Screening & PSA for Prostate cancer etc.

We are Providing following facilities in Camps

  • Registration of the patients.
  • Physical Examination of Breast by Expert Lady Doctor.
  • Digital Mammography for Breast Cancer is done on advise of Doctor.
  • Pap Smear Test for Cervix Cancer by Doctor.
  • PSA Test for Suspected Male Patients by Doctor.
  • Intraoral Screening for Oral Cancer
  • Blood Pressure Test.
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Medicine (Optional at Extra Cost)
  • Counseling.
  • Distribution of Self Examination Pamphlets and Awareness literatures.
  • Reports delivered to patients with Medical advice / further follow.
  • Positive & Suspected Cases followed & referred to various Govt Cancer Hospital.
  • Generator Back up in case of Power Failure.

We shall appreciate if you could provide following facilities at Camp Side.

  1. Parking area for Three Buses (Dimension of Bus length 35 fit, width 9 fit, Height 12 feet)
  2. Two Rooms with Table, Chairs and Patient Bed.
  3. Ten Tables and Fifty Chairs for Residents / Visitors
  4. Electricity Connection (10 KVA , Signal Phase , 230 Volts for Bus)
  5. Publicity for Camp before 10 day of camp date through Announcement, Banner & Poster and Media.
  6. Invitation to Local Press / Electronic Media on Camp day to promote the Cancer Awareness Campaign.

World Cancer Care Charity is only committed to provide the Cancer Awareness and Early Detection to Patients. We will not commit for Cancer treatment and any financial help. All the Suspected Patients after primary diagnose we will send to Government empanel Cancer hospital to avail the facilities of Cancer Government fund.
We appreciate your continued support and hope you will carry on in future for this Noble Cause.
For further any Query Please Do not hesitate to contact us, We would be happy to answer your questions.
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