Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal

Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal

7 Rosemoor Gardens, Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 5RF UK
Contact: 00447425910677 — Email: ksdhaliwal@live.com — Website: www.kulwantsinghdhaliwal.com


  • 39+ years’ rich experience in delivering optimal results & giving high-value to the society in the areas of Social Responsibility and Humanitarian Service. Strong believer of the fact that “the biggest gift one can give is Education and Knowledge”


  • In 2014, appointed as the ‘Global Ambassador’ of registered charity ‘World Cancer Care’, after being recognized for his efforts and devotion to Eradicate Cancer. Mr Dhaliwal does not accept any remuneration for this appointment.
  • Mr Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal took early retirement from business at the age of 47 years and decided to donate rest of his life for prevention, eradication and cure of Cancer. Currently Mr Dhaliwal is spearheading his efforts full-time to work for fight against cancer.



  • Kulwant Singh DhaliwalHighly accomplished, resourceful, dynamic and versatile individual with solid domain knowledge and understanding of development research and studies focusing on social responsibility initiatives. Aptitude and interest in management / co-ordination of social responsibility programs.
  • Demonstrated strengths in devising and effectuating policies aimed at ensuring smooth running of social projects encompassing development of the villages and facilitating cancer patients. Deft in liaising with Government and Private institutions / NGOs at senior levels for attaining the project requirements.
  • Proven expertise in executing and managing development programs in various capacities for development organizations and institutions in the areas of improving livelihoods, reducing female feticide, cancer eradication, adolescent marriage of girls and lack of education resources and emergency relief. Acknowledged strengths in managing projects and programs with NGOs.
  • Established performance benchmarks in handling multifarious activities that included awareness on health and fitness. Loves talking to cancer patients and sharing their stories.
  • World Cancer Care has come in public limelight under Mr. Kuwlant Singh Dhaliwal’s brand and marketing leadership through PR, talks in public gatherings, schools and places of worship; speeches and interviews to newspapers, radio and TV channels attracting over 500 locals to each camp making them a success.
  • Actively engaged in Public Speaking viz. travelling and giving talks across the country on cancer, female feticide, dowry, misinterpretation of religious beliefs and inspiring individuals to devote life to charity and the greater good of humanity.
  • Core strengths in networking with different community, NGOs and Government organizations / agencies. Thrive in a deadline intensive environment, multi-task, perform under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Result driven and focused with immaculate work habits, excellent man-management, time management and leadership skills. Support many Charities, worldwide.

Humanitarian Charitable Awards


Humanitarian Award presented by British Foreign Secretary Mr. William Hague (First Asian and the youngest person ever to receive the award)


Gadri Babe Award, (Mewava Singh Lopoke Award), Calgary, Canada


Bhai Ghanaya Award, Vancouver, Canada


Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal AwardBhagat Puran Singh Award, Toronto, Canada


Shiv Kumar Batalvi Award, United Kingdom


Punjab Da Massiha Award, House of Commons, United Kingdom


Sikh Welfare Society Award, United Kingdom


Bhagat Puran Singh Pingalwara Award By Pingalwara Society


World Best Sikh in Charity Warld by Sikh Awards UK


Pride of India Award by NRI Institute New Delhi


Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Award by Baba Amar Singh Barundi Slough Uk


Mother Teresa Awards at Canada by Socials Organization


Bai Ghanaya Award by Gravesand Gurughar UK


Ironman Award by Brown & Howard


SANT SINGH DHALIWAL TRUST                                                                                                                                                                    Since 1991

  • Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal have been managing the activities of the trust, and is the Chairman of ‘Sant Singh Dhaliwal Trust’ in the name of his father with a clear cause of reducing female feticide, adolescent marriage of girls and lack of education resources available to the poor.
  • The charity is still going on and has been a regular donor of charity above Rs. 8 Lacs per annum.

WORLD CANCER CARE                                                                                                                                                                              Over 12 Years
Global Ambassador

  • Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal Global AmbassadorKulwant Singh Dhaliwal started walking for many charities in 2002 and continues walk 200 miles per month till now for raising fund for Cancer research. As a young man, decided to dedicate his life to the 'selfless service of humanity'.
  • Accomplish responsibility for structuring proposal for proactive, responsive, transformative plans for direct implementation and studying all the proposals sent by NGOs for implementation of the projects within the community.
  • Proficiently manage leverages of resources and different Government schemes for community development.
  • Since appointment, has organised numerous camps across India reaching the smallest and the most remote villages to increase awareness and early detection of cancer when it is curable.
  • The camps now even cater to Breast, Cervix, Prostate, Oral cancer along with Blood Cancer and other forms of cancer that lead to over 85% deaths in the state of Punjab, India.
  • Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal Contact No.Oversee preparation and presentation of Policy on Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) to stakeholders and Annual Social Responsibility plans.
  • Effectively liaised with community stakeholders, identifying key partners, stakeholders, NGOs and service providers.
  • Spreads western knowledge in India by using cancer educational and information material of world’s renowned and highly effective British Health System – NHS, by translating them into different languages and distributing leaflets across India.
  • His biggest fear and mission is to save the next generation from the threat of cancer by investing in education and treatment instead of temples and places of worship.
  • Systematically document various development activities. Guide & motivate the people in improving their confidence in Cancer eradication service. Build & nurture relations with the villagers and solve the local issues with the community.

Key Achievement

  • Kulwant Singh DhaliwalInitiated various programs based on themes for effective functioning of programs viz marathon’s.
  • Commended for successfully managing aid operations along with integrated, health program & rehabilitation programs in the rural and tribal areas of India in various states.
  • Instead of taking donations, inspires individuals to sponsor camps directly by requesting them to deliver World Cancer Care camps to their respective villages.
  • Organised Charitable Walks every few months, on the same pattern like the recent British 10K London Run on 14 July 2013 which brought his charitable work in the mainstream media limelight.
  • Designed and spearheaded implementation of Administrative Grievance System, Performance Appraisal System and Awards Programs and published all appropriate guidelines

CANCER CARE CHARITY                                                                                                                                                                            Over 12 Years

  • First time in the history of India is the case of Mr Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, a man running such a huge campaign on mass scale.
  • Drove the initiative to implement policies that promoted & protected health, safety, and the quality of life. Cancer Care Charitable Society start his journey from Single Cancer Test and now doing investigate six cancer on road.
  • Kulwant Singh DhaliwalCancer Care Charitable Society the only the First Charity in India who did Mega Cancer Screening Camps in all the Jails of Uttar Pardesh.
  • Started supporting to Charity since 2014 and today the society covers close to 7400 villages of Punjab.
  • Developed friendly atmosphere amongst the affected families and supported their hardships family.
  • Formulated plan to allocate packages for the affected families as per R&R policies as well as offered special training to stay fit.
  • Spread awareness about Cancer by free distribution of about 10 Million pamphlets having various Doctors statements on subjects related to cancer and environmental awareness.
  • Educated about One Lac students on Cancer subject through Cancer Care Campaign in various universities of Punjab, India.


Bachelor of Arts (BA), 1982
DAV College Jalandhar; Guru Nanak Dev University, India

Senior Secondary, 1978
Khalsa College, Amritsar; Guru Nanak Dev University, India

Matriculation, 1977
Government Patto Hira Singh; Punjab School Education Board, India

Date of Birth 10th May 1958
Place of Birth Bir Rauke, Moga district, Punjab, India
Nationality British
Father’s Name Sant Singh Dhaliwal
Spouse Manjit Kaur (Property Business)
Children Rajdeep Singh (Barrister) and Randeep Singh (Manager in Corporate)

References: Available on Request